A professional recruitment specialist in Norfolk

Holdich Recruitment is owned and run by me, Jason Smith. The business has been up and running for nine years.

My career in recruitment began when I visited a recruiter – Johnstones Recruitment – myself to enquire about a new role. Based on my previous experience, they asked me to set up and manage their sales and marketing desk. They created a job for me!

Later that year, I was named as Archant’s “New Recruiter of the Year” – a promising start!

Johnstones closed down in 2008, giving me the push I needed to set up my own business. Holdich Recruiment arrived.

I am very proud of the reputation the business has earned over the years. I’ve worked hard to stand out from the crowded recruitment market by offering genuine value for my clients. Taking the time to get to know new clients thoroughly ultimately saves them time in the long run. The candidates I send over to meet them are carefully matched and thoroughly briefed.

Over the years, I have successfully filled hundreds of roles. That feeling of knowing I’ve found a candidate a fantastic job they’ll love, and found the client a quality new employee, is what keeps me motivated.

Before making recruitment my chosen path, I worked in various sales service industries including media and tourism. I have a strong commercial background and a really good understanding of all aspects of business, from company culture to P&L. That gives me a head start when matching clients with candidates.

And before you ask…

Why is the company called Holdich Recruitment when my name is Smith?

Well, my surname is actually Holdich-Smith, but my parents only used Smith as their trading name in farming. This was mostly because they had to pay per letter for their name on the bags of potatoes and carrots. Smith worked out cheaper!